Building out 14 front-end templates to deliver to PeopleFluent’s team for integration into their new, streamlined site.

Slightly more information

Taking over as dev to help stem an overflow of work, PeopleFluent’s main site was getting an overhaul. 14 templates, custom sliders, CSS animations, and modal-based videos are only a few of the features helping to revamp their site. Jumping into a new dev process and naming conventions was a quickly-managed challenge. QA checking, design guide updates, and we still came in under the time budgeted. Yeah, kid!

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: HTML5, CSS 2-3/SASS, CSS Animations, BEM, jQuery/JavaScript, node.js, Grunt, Photoshop, SVN.
  • Implemented responsive sliders. Customized CSS classes to match BEM naming conventions.
  • Worked with Lead Developer and QA to clear bugs. Explained site functionality and layout as needed to help clear pages for delivery.
  • Transform Photoshop comps to working Web pages. Work with Web Designer to modify designs and/or Style Guide as needed.
  • Development of hand-coded CSS/SASS, HTML5, jQuery/JavaScript.