Boston Financial Data Services

Development of data-driven dashboard for customers of Boston Financial Data Services (BFDS).

Slightly more information

Joining the BFDS team as they were accelerating towards key deliverables meant meant rapidly learning a new development process and the language of the financial industry all at once. Co-ordination with multiple developers focused on separate sections was key to product success. Filling in gaps, be they UI, accessibility issues, or JavaScript needs was also important on this large project.

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: HTML5, CSS 2-3, jQuery/JavaScript, JSON, DataTables, Apache Velocity, Photoshop, Git, Agile.
  • Co-ordinating with remote Java administrators, QA, and PMs to ensure that the delivered data and design matched project requirements.
  • Customization of JSON for design requirements via DataTables. Have you used it? It is some gnarly stuff.
  • Transform Photoshop comps to working Web pages. Work with Web Team to modify designs and content as needed.
  • Deliver daily status reports on work progress as part of their Agile process.
  • Development of hand-coded CSS, HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery.