Noodle Day for Raymond Federman

Noodle Day is an international holiday celebrating experimental author Raymond Federman (1928-2009). It was founded in 2010 by Paul Kruczynski.

Slightly more information

The non-profit behind Noodle Day only had a blog post when we started. That is not an effective website.

Whether Federman fans or newly curious, visitors should come away from the site excited about Noodle Day and Raymond Federman. We gave Noodle Day a memorable and informative URL. It’s easier to remember than a name people might not know, which makes for better social sharing. It’s also fun to say: Noodle Day, Noodle Day. Noodle. Day.

You can’t have a celebration without guests. Guests can’t celebrate if they don’t know when the party’s happening. The high-visibility date in the header reminds visitors to get ready for Noodle Day on October 6. The design also pays homage to Raymond Federman’s pioneering experimental layouts, while giving a brief history of his life and Noodle Day. Updates are showcased in the attached blog.

Technical information, &c.

  • Developed: Site design, HTML, CSS, jQuery, HTML email, mailing list integration.
  • Mailing list setup. Managed mailing list, designed HTML email templates.
  • Social media management.
  • Content creation, research, promotion.