Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences

The department website for Northeastern University Khoury College of Computer Sciences is the first of several projects we did for this client.

Slightly more information

Brought in to fill an urgent need mid-project, we quickly learned the logic of this scantily-documented project. The plans for development were with the original developer, and he was no longer reachable. Instead of plans, we had a highly-customized site that was three-fourths done, a complex taxonomy, and an approaching deadline.

Although this could seem daunting, we broke the process down into a few steps. First, we met with other team members in order to learn more about project goals. At the same time, we examined pages that were already made, in order to gain insight into the developer’s thought process. Lastly, by cross-referencing those existing pages with our team meeting notes, while factoring in changes made along the way, we were able to complete the back-end code for the site. A true team effort, made while managing other team members and contractors.

As a final note, developing an effective responsive strategy also presented an interesting challenge due to the highly modular design—the tightly-controlled homepage being a particularly high-profile example. For phase two, we added a heavily customized events calendar. We developed this project as part of a Boston-area agency.

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: WordPress custom themes and support, development. HTML, CSS, Less, CSS animation, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Grunt, PostCSS, Git, Advanced Custom Fields, and the Events Calendar.
  • Transform Photoshop design into working Web pages. Worked with designers to maintain design intent through review process.
  • Testing and selecting software to use as part of our standard solutions for common client feature requests.
  • Custom slideshows, lightboxes, and accordions for client sites.
  • Interactive features, animations.