Northeastern University Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute

A microsite developed to support a new, high-profile program (and its accompanying building) from Northeastern University. This project was part of our work for the Khoury College of Computer Sciences.

Slightly more information

Timing the co-ordinated launch of a new building, academic program, and website might be stressful—especially with an uncertain timeline. Therefore, we did everything necessary to make the website part something Khoury wouldn’t need to worry about.

Although the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute would be new, the design elements we used were an extension of Khoury’s existing design language. This allowed us to take several steps to make the development process smoother. When possible, we extended existing front- and back-end code. This allowed us to shorten development time. We also modeled CMS administration features on those previously developed for the Khoury main site. Making site controls similar across Khoury properties saved both us and Khoury time on both site development and staff training. The similarity between site features makes future site maintenance easier as well. Lastly, we once again created a fully responsive versions of the site’s unique staggered design. We developed this project as part of a Boston-area agency.

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: WordPress theme development and support. HTML, CSS, Less, CSS animation, CSS grid, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Grunt, PostCSS, Git, Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Transforming Sketch designs into working Web pages. Worked with designers to maintain design intent through review process.