Development of WebMD and Sanford Health’s FIT Kids initiative, a new subsite on WebMD.com. Joined existing team mid-project. Rapid ramp up on custom WebMD CMS, processes. Implemented vendor-supplied PSDs into working templates, correcting or bringing to team attention issues as needed for successful launch. CSS3 used, with IE 6—8 fallbacks, to increase page speed and ease maintenance. These methods were then used across the FIT site.

Slightly more information

Development had already been in progress several months when joining the team. This required rapid ramp up on both WebMD’s systems and conventions being used by the FIT team. Developed HTML/CSS for Kids section, integrating with existing FIT/WebMD code, made/implemented this code into WebMD’s custom CMS templates, XSLT modules. Used CSS3 extensively to reduce page load, and make site easier o maintain in the future. Phase 2 saw further integration of existing WebMD tools into FIT site. Customized XSLT for FIT. Served as SCRUMmaster on sprint.

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: XHTML, CSS 1-3, CSS3Pie, jQuery, XSLT, Photoshop, AGILE-informed processes, Documentum, Custom CMS
  • Ongoing integration of existing WebMD tools from Beta through Phase 2 of site launch.
  • Tools included: customized slideshow and quiz applications, as well new/reskinned calorie counter.
  • Transform Photoshop comps to working Web pages. Work with outside vendor, remote and local Web Team to modify designs and content as needed.
  • Deliver daily status reports on work progress. Lead technical team meetings as needed, delivering notes to technical lead.
  • Development of hand-coded CSS, XHTML, XSLT.