The Backpeddlers

Designed and developed one-page site for The Backpeddlers. Site needed to introduce people to The Backpeddlers’ music, while providing an overview of current news and shows. Developed CSS/XHTML, integrated with SoundCloud player, WordPress.

Slightly more information

Worked with stakeholder to develop a site in keeping with the design aesthtic of The Backpeddlers’ latest album. News and show information updates both the website and Facebook at the same time. SoundCloud integration pushes file management to their service, while facilitating social sharing and discovery of The Backpeddlers’ music. A brief biography and photos are included in the footer.

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: XHTML, CSS, design, Photoshop, WordPress
  • Site design.
  • WordPress installation, customization.
  • Development of hand-coded CSS, XHTML.