Created by Paul Kruczynski (me) and Sarah Dudek. Rhymes with “pumpkin-a-loose”. Pumpkiniteuse is a collection of Halloween items for punks, weirdos, and chums.


Slightly more information

This haunted purveyor of Halloween-themed items is based on a simple concept. That concept is: Halloween. On the creative side, Paul Kruczynski (me) created original artwork and concepts. I (Paul Kruczynski) also wrote copy for email marketing, social media, and the website.  

For project management, a summoning circle was drawn in dry erase markers on our whiteboard, then placed on the floor. This, along with sacred business chants, let us summon and assign tasks. The spirits made me set up an e-commerce platform and integrate it with mailing list software. Additional tasks included vendor selection and management, ad buys, and shipping. Team coordination was key to meeting necessary deadlines for promotion and sales. Sales were…spirited. Items from seasons one and two continue to be hits online and at Boston-area markets such as SoWa Open Market and Boston Hassle Black Market. Scary, but true!

Technical information, &c.

  • Includes: E-commerce customization, development. Custom HTML, CSS.
  • Twitter customization, copywriting, and social media management.
  • MailChimp newsletter integration, customization, and copywriting.
  • Order fulfillment and Post Office-related schlepping.