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What's this about?

This about is about a preview of things to come. It's to say I am Paul Kruczynski, and I am doing things. I'm currently upgrading/-dating/-designing this site so I can tell you about more things. To be notified once more things are happening, please sign up for my mailing list below. Don't worry, I'm a fairly (some may say intensely) private person (indeed, even writing that out gives me hives), so I'm not going to spam, sell, or otherwise degrade your personal information.

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Update circa October 17, 2014:
Thanks for visiting! This site is being updated in semi-real-time! Latest: Updates happening on dev server at the moment. Overhaul. Rethink. Design logo. Etc.

Meantime, visit my Ambivalence.

Things Might Be Broken

Therefore…don't worry about code anomalies here at the moment. It's coming together.

My portfolio as a creator of web products (i.e. front-end developer, programmer, or Associate Director, as you see fit) has been updated. I also write, and still experiment with webfonts, CSS3, and HTML5. And listening to music. Loudly. I don't think it'd be fair, true, or honest to not expect me to tell you those things.

If you are a potential employer/colleague/co-worker/etiquette expert/friend, please note that I am a totally serious worker. I just may not be a totally serious person on my own site.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter,, and an ever-diminishing list of web places I more or less agree with. Ask me for an in-person meeting I'll tell you why. My explanation will be “articulate” without being too “passionate”. See? I know all the business “code words”. You should email me!

Please check back often for infrequent modifications }